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zlatan Ibrahimovic

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2009-12-15 11:05:26
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Q: What is the player who has most big salary infootball?
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What is the average salary of an NFL player for 1 year?

As of 2014, the average salary of an NFL player is forth highest among the big four sports of basketball, baseball, hockey, and football. The average NFL salary is $1.4 million per year.

Salary of pro basketball player in US?

LB gets a good 23 big ones a year

What football player earns the most?

As a salary? Wayne Rooney. Then Ronaldinho. But all the big footballers, like ronaldo and messi, get sponsored by loads of different companies and are PAYED the most. Who earns the most as a whole? Messi, then Beckham and Ronaldo.

How much does a professional dart player make?

A professional dart player's salary will depend on how good he is and how big the prizes are that he wins. The average dart player that is ranked well, can make a salary around 50 to 100 thousand.

Which Big Ten player had the most Player of the Week selections in a single season?

Glenn Robinson

What is the average salary of a documentary writer?

The average salary of a documentary writer is 80,000 dollars a year. Most writers work from home and do free lance projects. Those that are in big companies can make even more.

What player score the most points in a big east game?

Eric Murdock

What is the most touchdowns by a big ten player in one season?

Archie Griffin

What kind of salary are you looking forward to?


What was William Howard Taft's salary?

one big SALAD

How much does veterinarian with big animal salary?

$46339 a year

What are the benefits of being a computer technician?

Big salary, lots of hrs.

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