Salary of pro basketball player in US?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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LB gets a good 23 big ones a year

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Q: Salary of pro basketball player in US?
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What is the average salary for a female basketball player in the us?

$47,000 is the average salary

Who is the former pro basketball player who was a Rhodes scholar and us senator?

Bill Bradley

What is the average salary of a US professional basketball player?

$5 million dollars is the current average NBA salary. This data is from NPR Radio.

What is the salary of the us Olympic basketball team?

Athletes don't get paid in the Olympics.

What are the top 5 pro sports in the US?

gridiron basketball baseball athletics tennis

What is the minimum salary for a pro football player?

In us dollars Nfl- 400k Cfl- 180k The highest salary anyone has made nfl- chris johnson 2011 30 million Cfl- warren moon 1983 18 million

Which female basketball player is the first US basketball player to play on four olympic teams?

Lisa Leslie

Salary for a volley ball player in the US?


Who is the greatest basketball player in the US?

Michael Jordan

How is Sereana Williams?

Pro US tennis player.

What is the average professional soccer player's salary in the US?


What professional female basketball player was the first US basketball player to ever play on four teams?

Answernick maini dick