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The pit.

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Q: What is the place were athletes land in a jump for distance?
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What is high jump?

High jump is a competition where athletes attempt to jump over a fiberglass bar off of one foot and land on a mat.

How do you avoid hurting yourself when you jump?

land on your feet I mean if you jump from a high distance up and it hurts when you land on your feet how do you avoid it.

What are the physics of parkour?

jump-land-jump-land-jump-land-jump-landjump-FLIP-land-jump-land-jump-land-jumpTUMBLE-land-walk away slowly looking cool

How do you do the somersault jump in new Super Mario Brothers?

jump then as you land jump again then as you land jump again and you should do a somersault

What does standing broad jump test?

It tests the distance of a jump from one point to another. You jump with two legs and land with two and you measure from the starting point. The outcome is dependant on leg muscle, bodyweight, and use of arms etc.

Skills needed for high jump?

jump and land

What is the measurements of long jump?

Runners run down a runway to a board 20 cm wide they must jump from without the planting foot crossing the plane of the board(forward) and land in a sand pit. From the forward edge of the board to the place nearest where the runner landed in the sand pit is the jump distance measured in meters. In the USA this measurement is in meters and/or feet.

Where is the photograph on Poptropica?

On the roof in the place where the golden vase is missing.You climb on to the place where the oracle is and then you jump and land on the white satue of this thing with wings from there you do one last jump and are on the roof of the place the golden vase should be.Then you will find the phongraph. Hope this helps :D

What is the deference between air distance and land distance?

Air distance will be a straight line; land distance will not.

What happens when people jump and land on your head?

Depends how high you jump.

How do frogs move on land?

They jump.

Can you land on your hands in long jump?

no. no.

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