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Q: What is the pitcher called you the game cricket?
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Is there a cricket game for the Wii?

yes it is called cricket

Why cricket is called industrial game?

Not called so.

What is the sport called cricket?

It is a team game. It is very popular in srilanka.

Who has played the most cricket games against Australia?

Cricket is a game played with a ball and bat, where the pitcher bowls the ball to the batter. England has played the most cricket games against Australia.

What is the game that you cut wood to get a ball in a place?

I think that game is called Cricket.

What is the Hindi word for 'Cricket'?

The word Cricket is a noun and name of a sporting game. So, in Hindi too, it is called and pronounced as cricket as in English.

In high school baseball can the pitcher be removed and return later in that game as a pitcher?

No. In high school baseball, once a pitcher is called out of a game he is done for the day.

What is another name for a bowler in cricket?


How is cricket 2011 game?

which cricket game has ipl in it

Insect which shares its name with a game?

Hey the insect is 'Cricket'. Have a nice day.

Why Sachin is called the God of Cricket?

Simply b'coz Sachin,by name defines Cricket..This game was born for him & every1 irrespective of geographical boundaries who know cricket knows Sachin ..

How do you get a foul in a cricket game?

There is not anythng such as foul in the game of cricket.