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The back stop.

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Q: What is the person called when they stand behind the batter in cricket?
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In cricket what is the person behind the batter called?

The person playing in that spot is called "the wicket keeper".

Who is the person who behind the batter?

The catcher, and behind the catcher is the Umpire.

What is the person behind the batter in baseball called?

The catcher is the person that is behind the batter however if you mean even further then the Catcher then it's the Home Plate Umpire and if you mean even further then next would be the various fans that are in the stands.

What is the term used in cricket for the person who remains behind the wickets?

A person directly behind the stumps (wicket is fairly ambiguous in cricket use) is normally defined as a wicketkeeper, even if they are not wearing any of the equipment or acting in the usual manner of one.

What is the first person to bat in cricket called?

opening batsman,opener

What is the person who is trying to hit the ball called?

The batter

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there are 11 men in a teqam on the field at one time when fielding and 2 when batting . another person called the twelth man is a spare or is a specialised person so say hes a good bowler but crap batter

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