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For the NFL, a perfect quarterback rating is 158.3. In college football, it's 1261.6

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Q: What is the perfect rating for a quarterback?
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What is Vince Young's quarterback rating in 2010?

98.6 quarterback rating.

What was Eli Manning's quarterback rating in 2009?

In 2009, Eli Manning had a 93.1 quarterback rating.

Who has the most perfect qb rating games in history nfl?

Peyton manning has had 4 perfect passer rating games. Next best is Ben Roethlisberger with 3. 2 of witch were in same year making him only quarterback to have ever done so.

Who has the highest quarterback passing rating in a career at the Super Bowl and what is the rating?

joe Montana

Who has the best quarterback rating for 2010?

As of this posting it's Michael Vick with a rating of 108.7

Who has the highest quarterback rating in NFL for 2010 season?

Tom Brady with a rating of 111.

Who has the best quarterback rating for 2009?

Drew Brees

Who has the best quarterback rating in 2011?

Aron roger

Most efficient quarterback?

Using quarterback rating, through the 2007 season that would be Steve Young who had a career quarterback rating of 96.8. Peyton Manning is second all time at 94.7 and Kurt Warner third at 93.2.

Who has the highest quarterback rating of all time?

Archie Manning

Statistically who is the best quarterback ever?

The NFL has a way of measuring the performance of a quarterback with something called a passer rating. The highest career passer rating is 96.8 by Steve Young. Click on the 'Passer Rating' link below to see how it is figured.

What is the alogorithm used to compute the QB rating?

Click on the 'QB Rating' link on this page to see what all goes into determining a quarterback's rating.