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42% of students play sports.

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2012-02-04 18:31:48
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Q: What is the percentage of kids that play a sport and get bad grades?
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What percentage of kids play sport in Australia?

61% of kids in Australia play sport

Percentage of kids who play a sport in the summer?


What percentage of kids 18 and under play sport?

I'd say about 65% now

Do students grades drop if their not in sports?

Not really....but if you decide to play a sport your grades get better

Do kids play hammer the sport?

No they don't play hammer the sport.

Do kids that play sports smarter than the kids that don't play sports?

not necessarily because you don't have to be the smartest person to play sport but i know in high school you have to keep up good grades in order to stay on the sports team

Do students that play sports in high school have better grades?

Yes, they have because if they have low grades they will be drop out in the sport that they are up to. They should have high grades to continue their sport. Thus, sport should not be a hindrance to their studies.hope this answer of mine answer your question

What sport did Persia kids play?


Why should students be get good grades to play sports?

Students should get good grades to play sports because if their focusing on their grades they will be not paying attention to the coach or they will rather be sitting out of the sport.

What is the percentage of people who play sports?

60% of australians play sport Answer : The actual percentage is 87.6% depending on your definition of "sport" technacly only 50% of the populatoin play sports

Should students with bad grades play sports?

As long as they like the sport.

How many New Zealand kids play sport?

it is 5000 kids

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