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64%, 73% of men and 55% of women.

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Q: What is the percentage of americans who watch american football?
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What percentage of people watch American football?

25%in America watch Football

What is the percentage of Americans who watch American Idol?


Why do people watch football?

There are many reasons for why people watch (American) football. Americans in particular watch football because it can be a tradition for some families. Others simply enjoy the sport and watch the game.

Which sport to many Americans watch on TV on Thanksgiving Day?

American Football

How many people watch football on Sundays?

There are many people that watch football on Sundays. It is guessed that roughly sixty-four percent of all Americans watch NFL football on Sundays. Seventy-three percent of American men watch it on Sundays.

Do more people watch the Super Bowl or the World Series?

Americans love to watch sports, plus football was created in America so it is an American game, and many people feel enough pride in America to just watch all American games meaning football.

What percentage of people watch football?


What percent of Americans watch football?


How many Americans watch soccer?

Not very many. Americans watch mostly football, then basketball, then college football, then college basketball, then baseball, and then soccer is somewhere near the end.

The average number of people who watch football?

About 92% of the world watch football which towers the percentage of ppl who watch soccer which is 63% world wide

What is the percentage of Americans that watch Naruto?

About 1% of people in the U.S. watch Naruto on a regular basis.

What percentage of people watch football in UK?


What sports do most Americans watch on thanksgiving?


How can you watch NFL football games live on the internet?

You can watch it on under sports and american football

What is the Percent of soccer fans vs football fans?

Worldwide, there are literally billions more people who play and watch football than those who watch American football. The US is the only country where American football is more popular than football.

How many Americans watch football on thanksgiving?

87 million

Do more people watch tennis or football?

either football, that is American football or English football, both are more popular than tennis.

What percentage of Americans watch anime?

Let's hope it's not a lot.

How many people watch Nascar compared to football?

not many people watch nascar compared to football which most of the world players(unless your talking about American football)

How many spectators watch American football?


How many Americans watch football?

How many watch a game? Watch a season? Have watched since the game was created? Just generally watch football w/in a nonspecific time frame? Realistically that number is incalculable.

What sport does England watch?

Football (Americans call it soccer) as well as Cricket.

What percentage of Americans watch NFL Games?

100% ;D

What is the most watch sport in America?

American football obviously

What percent of Americans watch baseball?

Fourteen percent of Americans watch baseball. It is the second most watched sport. Football has been the most popular sport for several years in America.