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Q: What is the percent of students who change schools because of the lack of sports?
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How will schools change in the future?

Schools will increasingly offer online opportunities for students. Virtual high schools will become the norm.

Do many students change schools during winter break?

Not really. Matters if they like the cold or not?

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Barnett Berry has written: 'What we must do for our students and our public schools' -- subject(s): Teaching, Public schools, Educational change

How are Japanese schools different from US schools?

Japanese schools are different from American schools in many ways. First off, they are more advanced for a given age. Students are pressured to be the best. In Japan students must pass entrance exams to get into high school and college.Another thing that is different in Japan is that students go to school 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday). Japanese students take many different classes and have a wide variety of subjects. Students at lunchtime eat in their classrooms and serve each other. Students change their shoes as soon as they enter the building. They change into white tennis shoes that are classified as part of their uniform.

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It is because when you get a decimal of a number you can change it to a percent. For instance, when you have .21 the percent would be 21%. Get it?

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who knows,,,,,, i think

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You probably live in a country where people drive on the right.

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the percent change is how much something has increased or decreased by in percentage. e.g: 2 --> 3 is a 50% change because it has changed by 1 and 1 is 50% of 2

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Carol Sager has written: 'Eliminating grades in schools' -- subject(s): Grading and marking (Students), Educational change

What rules should be change in schools and why?

I think we should change the gum rule because don't wasting time to write a detention

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