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If it was thrown-in by an opponent, then play continues.

If it was thrown-in by a team-mate, then the restart is an indirect free kick for the opposing team.

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Q: What is the penalty if keeper picks up the ball from a throw in?
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When is the goalkeeper not allowed to pick up the ball?

A goal keeper may never use their hands outside of their own penalty area. A goal keeper may not use their hands, even in their penalty area, when a team-mate deliberately plays the ball to them with their feet. A goal keeper may not use their hands, even in their penalty area, when a team-mate directly throws the ball to them on a throw-in.

Can a keeper run up to the penalty box throw the ball forward leave the penalty area and kick it further?

Yes. The goalkeeper may leave the penalty area at any time during play, but cannot touch the ball with his hands while outside of the area.

May a goal keeper step out of the penalty area?

No. Only in the penalty area may the goal keeper handle the ball.

May a goalkeeper touch the ball with is hand when standing on the edge of the penalty area?

As long as the ball is inside their penalty area a goal keeper may handle the ball. The position of the ball is important. The position of the goal keeper is not.

Can a soccer goalie touch the ball in the offensive zone?

No. The goal keeper may only touch the ball with their hands in their own penalty area.

Why do cricketers throw the ball in to the keeper when there is no need?

To kill the ball making in it a deadball

Can a keeper handle the ball within the penalty arc?

The goal keeper may touch the ball with his hands and arms in his team's penalty area.

When would the refree call a penalty kick?

A defender committing an indirect free kick offense would do it.Indirect free kicks are not promoted to penalty kicks when inside the penalty area.There are 8 offenses that can result in an indirect free kick:goal keeper controls the ball with his hands for more than six seconds before releasing it from his possessiongoal keeper touches the ball again with his hands after he has released it from his possession and before it has touched another playergoal keeper touches the ball with his hands after it has been deliberately kicked to him by a team-mategoal keeper touches the ball with his hands after he has received it directly from a throw-in taken by a team-mateplays in a dangerous mannerimpedes the progress of an opponentprevents the goal keeper from releasing the ball from his handscommits any other offense for which play is stopped to caution or send off a player

Is there any situation where the goal keeper can not bounce the ball?

Yes, cannot hand ball a back pass or outside the penalty area.

What is the penalty when a goalkeeper mistakenly touches the ball with his hands when the ball is passed to him by one of his own players?

If their team mate passed the ball deliberately, with their feet, and the goal keeper then touches it with their hands within their own penalty area, then an indirect free kick is awarded to the opponents at the place where the goal keeper handled it.

What can the goal keeper do that is different from other players?

With two exceptions, a goal keeper may deliberately handle the ball within their own penalty area.

Can the goalie pick up the ball when a player on his side passes the ball back to him in mini soccer rules Under 10's?

According to the FIFA Laws of the Game if a player passes it with their feet to the goal keeper who then picks it up in the penalty area, then play is stopped and the restart is an IFK for the opponents.