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Spear tackles are highly illegal and considered dangerous play. A spear tackle may result in sending-off and/or the offending player may be put on report and later appear before the judiciary where they may be suspended from playing for any number of weeks decided by the judicial panel.

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Q: What is the penalty for spear tackling in rugby league?
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What can't you do in handball?

There are a lot of things that are illegal on a rugby field. A few of them are: Spear tackling Shoulder charge tackling (without intent of wrapping up with the arms) Eye gouging (in a ruck) Biting Punching Stomping Head-butting High tackling (clothesline tackling) Collar tackling (pulling someone down by their collar)

What are the tackle rules in rugby?

below the neck, and no spear tackles. Clothlines are now acceptable.

How do you spear someone in rugby?

A Spear Tackle is an offense. The tackle can and has caused serious injury. Spear tackle occur whereby a player lifts another player into the air and dumps them down head first in to the ground. The damage can be substantial with necks being broken, shoulders dislocated and broken and serious head injury as the head in in effect driven in to the neck. The tackle has been made unlawful in many of the rugby like sports including league and American Football. If a player making the tackle is has any doubt whether it will result in a spear tackle they are required to "place the tackled player down in a manner that avoids the spear effect". Those that do not can serve a substantial ban from the game.

Why are rugby the safety reasons so little?

Actually, contrary to popular belief there are many many safety rules in rugby. What to many looks like just a mass of bodies piling up after a contact is actually a very well organised 'ruck', where there are many rules to protect player on the ground, such as, no stamping on players. Also long standing rules such as no tackling above the shoulders have been reinforced comparatively recently with rules such as no tackling men in the air and no spear tackling(a tackle where by you lift your opposition up then force him into the ground head first). Also at any point during the game the referee can stop he game for safety reasons, any play that is seen as dangerous by the referee is an immediate yellow card. hope that just clears a few points up for you

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Is safety used in rugby?

There are a wide range of health and safety rules in the game some are very clear such as Type of body armour allowed, regulation gum shields and should pads, size and materials that make up studs for boots Others are No spear tackling (sending off offense) No head butting sending off offence and 3 match ban High tackles are outlawed No tackling a play who jumps for a ball no gum allowed to be chewed touch pause engage used to restrict the high impact hit in the scrum Only trained specialists to play front row positions Blood substitutions

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Is rugby a dangerous sport to play?

no it's to good and kids enjoy it -- As in any sport there are risks. Rugby in both codes is a high impact contact sport. The action of tackling, rucking and scrummaging requires intense contact and considerable strength to win position of the ball. There have been some very unfortunate injuries in the time the game has developed. However, the IRB continue to work aggressively to remove as much risk as possible without ruining the game. You will see players banned for dangerous play, sent off under red card rules for using spear tackles etc. However, the game has always been a hard game, but played with the correct attitudes it is one of the worlds greatest games. As the old saying goes "Rugby is a thugs game played by gentlemen".

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