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No penalty

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Q: What is the penalty for hitting opponent's clubs on the fairway?
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Do rescue clubs work on the fairway?

Yes. You can use the rescue clubs from the fairways, just like an iron really.

What clubs are numbered and are usually used in the fairway?

These are called irons, they are numbered 1-9 with various lofts and lengths. They can be used from the rough or anywhere, as can fairway woods.

Is there a list of lofts for all golf clubs?

On clubs such as the Driver, fairway woods rescue clubs and wedges usually have their lofts on them. For irons you can get a list usually from the manufacturers website.

When hitting a golf ball it sparked Is this possible?

The golf ball didn't spark, but it is very possible that you did see a spark. This happens when tiny tiny stones and even pieces of sand come in contact with the bottom of the club when you are hitting the ball. This will only have happened on clubs made from titanium such as drivers and some fairway woods.

What is the example of collective nouns of club in a sentence?

The caddy wearliy shifted the set of clubs as he trudged down the fairway.

Why do golfers take their glove off when they're on the green?

I take my glove off when I am on the green to give the glove a chance to dry off any sweat that might have accumulated while hitting fairway clubs. One really doesn't need a glove to putt.

Should i update 5 year old golf clubs?

if you are still hitting good i see no need to update them, but if you are not hitting acceptably you should probably update your clubs

Which golf club is best for long drives down the fairway?

The best golf club for making a long drive down the fairway is simply known as a "driver". These types of clubs may also be called "long drive" golf clubs. Occasionally, the long drive club will simply be called an "LD" club.

Where can someone buy Fairway woods?

Fairway Woods golf clubs can be bought from several places, both online and in physical stores. Dick's Sporting Goods, eBay, Overstock, and the Nike online store all sell them.

When do you use a 3 or 5 wood in golf?

You can them as tee clubs, or from the fairway and some people even use them for chipping from around the green.

What company manufactures ladies fairway clubs?

Ping does they are called Ping Rhapsody (current range), Callaway, Taylormade, Adams, Cobra and Nike.

How many golf clubs can you carry?

You can carry up to 14 total clubs in your golf bag, a 2 stroke penalty is incurred for more than this number of clubs.

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