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direct free kick

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Q: What is the penalty for a player who spit on an opponent?
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What is the penalty for a player who spit on a opponent?

direct free kick

Is minor penalty assessed to a player who interferes with or impedes an opponent who is not in possession of the puck?

Yes, this would be an minor penalty for interference.

Can you get kicked out of a game on a penalty?

It is possible to do something that gives a penalty kick to an opponent and also results in a send off for the offender. It is also possible to do something during a penalty kick that can get a player sent off; violent conduct against an opponent, for example.

What is the penalty for hitting opponent's clubs on the fairway?

No penalty

Can a player make contact to an opponent's body with their stick or body from behind in lacrosse?

theres a penalty called push from behind...think about it

5 Which penalty may NOT be assessed for illegal contact to an opponent's head a minor penalty b double minor penalty c major penalty?


How do penalties work in soccer?

When players foul in their own penalty area, a penalty is given to the opposing team. The ball is put on a spot twelve yards away from goal and one player from the opposing team will try to score. Also, in some tournaments, if a game is drawn, penalties will be taken from both teams. The team which scores more penalties is the winner.

What is the penalty for kicking the opponent in soccer?

A direct free kick or a penalty kick depending on where the foul occurred.

What hockey item starts with k?

A kicking penalty results from the act of kicking an opponent. It is a match penalty.

For spitting to an opponent in a football field should a player get any other penalty except being sent off?

Spitting any any other person is, as you say, an send off offense. If the spitting is directed at an opponent, a Direct Free Kick is awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the infraction. As a result, this would become a penalty kick if it happened in the opposing team's penalty area.

Can a different player kick penalty after a penalty is recall?

no a different player can't kick penalty after a penalty is recall.

If a tripping offense is committed on the line of the penalty area by a defending player what is the correct restart?

The line is part of the area it contains meaning that "on the line" is also "inside the area." So, a player trips an opponent. This is a Direct Free Kick offense. Also, it was a defender inside their own Penalty Area, this Direct Free Kick is now upgraded to a Penalty Kick.