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The friendly games.

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Q: What is the other name for the common wealth games?
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Name of logo of common wealth games?


What are the other names for the common wealth games?

At first its name was British Empire Games. then it changes to British Empire and Commonwealth games. after that British Commonwealth Games. and now its name is Commonwealth games.

What was the old name for the common wealth games?

the last name for the Commonwealth Games was called the British Commonwealth Games!!

What year did the common wealth games take their current title?

The Commonwealth Games was first held in 1978 under its current name.

What is the difference between the common wealth and the Olympics?

Common wealth and Olympics both are multi-sports events. But there is vast differences between the two.Some of which are: 1. Olympics is an worldwide event.All countries, who are the members of Olympics, of the world joins Olympics. But commonwealth games are only for the members of the common wealth countries - with common bond, common language and common heritage. 2. The origin of Olympics is Greece and it has a long history. But common wealth games is new in comparison to Olympics and organised between the countries which are previously ruled by Great Britain. Perhaps it started in 1930 as British Empire games and assumed the current name of Common Wealth games in 1978. So commonwealth game is very new. but Olympics played in 8th century BC to 5th century AD as ancient Olympics, its modern version started with set up of International Olympic Committee(IOC) in 1894 founded by Pierre de Coubertin. 3. Some sports are in the common wealth, but not played in the Olympics, such as rugby,netball and cricket. of course, cricket is proposed to be introduced soon in Olympics. 4. In Olympics numbers of athlete and officials are much more larger than that of common wealth games. Common wealth games can be compared to winter Olympics only in terms of athlete and officials.

What is the name of the University of Kentucky's football stadium?

Common Wealth Stadium

Where was the first common wealth games held?

The first Commonwealth Games, known as the British Empire Games at the time, were held in Canada in 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario. The name changed to British Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1954, to British Commonwealth Games in 1970 and assumed the current name of the Commonwealth Games in 1978.

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What is the other name for the commonwealth games?

British Empire Games

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