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Mark Callaway.

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Q: What is the original name of the undertaker?
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How many undertakers have there been in the WWE?

The original The Undertaker is the ring name of Mark Calaway The faked The Undertaker was Brian Lee.

What is undertaker kuroshitsuji name?

That is his name. Undertaker.

The original undertaker?

Since 1984 Mark Calaway has played the Undertaker for WWE. There was no one else who played this character. So he is the "original" and "only"...

Undertaker's wife's name?

Michelle McCool. She's his third wife as he was married and divorced twice before. 1st wife's name was Jodi Lynn with whom he has a son, and his second wife's name is Sara, with whom he has two daughters.

How did undertaker get his name undertaker?

it was vince McMahon idea Sorry but it Undertaker's idea not Vince's

What is the name of undertaker entrance song?

'ain't no grave' is the name of undertaker entrance song.

When The Undertaker changed his name what did he change it to?

The undertaker never changed his name his real name is mark and always has been.

What was the real name of the first undertaker?

there was only one undertaker and his name is mark William calaway

Who is the undertaker away from wrestling?

Mark Callaway is the Undertaker's real name.

What is the Undertaker's first name WWE?

The Undertaker's First Name Is Mark But His Full Name Mark William Calaway If you want to find any information about Undertaker Himself go on Then Click on The Undertaker- Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

Who was the original Undertaker in WWF?

Mark Callaway, the same one it is now.

Which undertaker was in Hindi film khilarion ka khilari which is original?


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