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A person.

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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Q: What is the only thing that can light the olympic torch?
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Is there a summer and a winter olympic torch?

No, there is not a summer and a winter olympic torch. There is only one torch. At the first olympic games ever held, the torch was lit, and it will never go out, so it just gets passed on to all of the olympic games that are held.

Who will light the olympic torch?

The person who will light the torch is Boris Johnson since he is the Mayor and he has a lot to do with the Olympics. Also after the Olympic games they are thinking about demolishing it because Spurs want it for their training stadium but also West Ham want it as well they said they would only want half of the Olympic stadium and the rest of can be used for athletics.

Why was there a lighted torch at the top of the Alexandria lighthouse?

This was the light. Without electricity back then, the only means for a visible light was to light a torch.

What is the only way the Olympic games torch can be lit?

From a flame kindled from the rays of the Sun captured at "Olimpia" in Greece.

Is there only one real Olympic torch?

This site will give you some idea: *

What is the purpose of the concave mirror behind the bulb in the flashlight?

You want a torch to emit light in a beam, in only one direction. But the bulb in the torch emits light in all directions, the mirror reflects the light going in the wrong direction(towards the inside of the torch) back out the front of the torch making it brighter. It is concave so as to focus the light more.

Can sunflowers follow a torch?

Only if the torch is the dominant source of light. Note that the torch would have to be fairly bright to provide enough energy for the sunflower. Also, sunflowers "following" light is a very gradual process, not a simple parlor trick.

Is the Paralympic torch relay different for the Olympics?

in a way yes but, the only thing different this year (2010) is that the torch is the same just blue, the uniform is the same style (different colour) and the relay is only ten days :)

What does the London Olympic Torch look like?

It looks the same no matter what country because they try to keep some things the same as they were when only the Greeks had the olympics

What is the name of the 18-year-old sailing champion who is the only UK athlete selected to carry the Olympic torch at the games' opening ceremony?

That was Rick Peacock from Worcestershire

Is the torch burning on the statue of liberty?

It is not burning real fire. It's fake, it's only a light in some plastic.

Which city was the second to light the olympic flame?

ancient Olympia and ONLY ancient OLYMPIA from Greece

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