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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What is the only nation for which athletes have always competed for their own national team at the modern Olympic games?
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What nation's athletes are always the first to enter the Olympic stadium during the winter games?

Greek Athletes.

What nation's athletes always enter the Olympic Games first?


Why does Greece always get be in procession of athletes at opening ceremony of the Olympics games?

The ancient Olympic Games originated from Greece; also the first edition of the modern Olympic Games was held in Athens - 1896.

Did argos have any advantages in the ancient olympic games in Greece?

argos did have some minor advantages in the ancient Olympic games. Their athletes had a ton of muscle, and were stronger than most athletes. Their athletes were trained in the arts and sciences. However, just because they were strong does not mean that they always won the Olympic games. Their biggest rivals were Sparta and Athens. Anyways, because their athletes were strong, they could easily crush their equals, the athletes from Corinth, a seaside city-state. Also, since they were trained in the sciences and arts, they always had a complicated plan of how to win a game. So, those were basically the advantages Argos had. Even though Argos did not have many advantages in the Ancient Olympic Games, their two advantages did go a long way.

Why Greece always enters first during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?

During the Opening Ceremonies of the olympics; the athletes from Greece enter first, in honor of the original Olympics held in Greece. Then the other athletes follow by nation in alphabetical order (except for the Beijing 2008 Games where it was based on the number of characters in the country's name). The host country's athletes always come last. After the games are announced as "officially open", this is followed by the raising of the Olympic Flag. The torch ceremony then begins. The running of the torch usually begins weeks before the Olympic ceremony, transporting the Olympic torch to each country that lies between Greece and the host country. The most exciting moment of the Olympic Opening Ceremony is when the torch enters the stadium and is lights the Olympic Flame. The Flame is always kept burning until the end of the Olympic Games. For more history of the Olympic Games :

Where were the first original olympic games held in ancient times?

They were held in Olympia, ancient Greece, hence the name for the event, The Olympics. This is also why Greece held the first modern Olympics, why their athletes always come out first in the parade, and why the national anthem of Greece is played at all closing ceremonies.

What always happens to mark the end of the olympic games?

A closing ceremony will mark the end of an Olympics. All the winning athletes will also walk in with their host country in front of everyone in the arena.

Were the winter Olympics always held in different years from the summer?

No, the were held the same year until 1992. Then in 1994, the first Winter Olympic not held in the same year as the Summer Olympics were held. This Olympic gave many athletes an early second chance at their Olympic dreams or an early chance to defeat their title.

Are you an Olympic champion?

yes you are the best olympic champion and always will

What years have england done in the olympics?

England has never been the host of the Olympic Games on its own or competed on its own but always as part of the British venue. London has been host to the games in 1908, 1948 and again this year, 2012.

Is swimming an Olympic sport?

AnswerYes swimming is an olympic summer sport, there are different water activities like diving, length swimming etc. and the mens and womens are separate as always! Swimming has many different events in the olympics.AnswerYes, swimming has been competed in the Modern Olympics since the first Modern Games in 1896.

What song is played during the medal ceremonies for a Winter Olympic?

The songs played during medal ceremonies are always the gold medalists' country's national anthem.

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