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Syracuse University Carrier Dome, on March 5, 2006, 33633. Syracuse vs Nova.

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Q: What is the on campus record for basketball attendance?
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What is the record for highest attendance for a high school basketball game?


What is the single game attendance record for college basketball?

syracuse vs nova 2012 34,161

Which arena holds the non tournament college basketball attendance record?

i believe Syracuse just set a record crowd at 34,000 plus...

What is the record for attendance at a basketball game?

The world record attendance for any basketball game, indoor or outdoor, is believed to be the Cup Winners' Cup final between AEK Athens and Slavia Prague on April 4, 1968 at the ancient marble Kallimarmaro Stadium in Athens, Greece, where 80,000 were seated for the game as an estimated 40,000 more followed from outside.

What University has the top 10 on campus attendance records for college baseball attendance?

Mississippi State

Why do meetings record time and attendance?

Meetings record time and attendance so that there is an accurate record of who was there and for how long.

Can a school get the attendance record from another school?

No, because then it is going to be another school's attendance record.

What is the ncaa men basketball attendance record?

Largest one game crowd was Kentucky and Michigan St played in Detroit in 2007 at Ford Field.

What is a good attendance record?

A good attendance is definitely a good thing. Essentially, a good attendance record simply means that when stated someone would attend, they did.

Where does villanova play basketball?

At "The Pavilion" on their campus.

Which arena holds the college basketball attendance record?

Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan set the record on December 13, 2003 with a recorded attendance of 78,129. The game was held between the Michigan State University Spartans and the University of Kentucky Wildcats. The Wildcats won the game, dubbed "The Basketbowl" with a score of 79-74.

What is a the usual basketball attendance?

Well if you mean NBA basketball, it's about 15.000 people.

What is a sentence using the word attendance?

I didn't get the award for the year because of my attendance record.

What is the record attendance for a series in the World Series?

On October 4, 1959 Los Angeles Dodgers set World Series attendance record at 92,394.

What is the record attendance for a sugarland concerts?

The record attendance for a specifically Sugarland concert is 23,900. This was during their 2009 leg of the Incredible Machine Tour. They've also played festivals with attendance of at least 30,000 people.

What is longest current on campus home court winning streak in college basketball?

Men's Division I, Kansas held that record with 69 up until 1/22/11. The winning streak now stands at 32 for Duke as of 2/5/11. Villanova has a current 46 game ON CAMPUS winning streak. They also play home games off campus at the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Philadelphia. My question, again, is this the longest ON CAMPUS winning streak in college basketball?

What NCAA basketball team has the highest attendance?

The Detroit Lions

What team has the best attendance in college basketball?

Kentucky Wildcats

What is the record attendance for a single world cup soccer match?

1 is the record and that was me !!

What is the Record attendance at football match?

what team haas had the biggest attendance in English football Millwall hold the record for tickets sold by one team at wembley 50000 plus . because people care about millwalls record the question was what is the record attendance at football match? Not how many tickets can the pikies flog. And i suggest you Google it = )

What is the average attendance for a KU womens basketball game?

one! the coach

What is the biggest audience to see a basketball game?

The most-attended basketball game ever, was the 2010 NBA All-Star game, with a crowd of 108,713 people. The game was played in the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. The previous record for attendance at a basketball game was 78,129, set on December 13, 2003 in a game between Michigan State and Kentucky at Ford Field. The 1968 final of the European Cup Winners' Cup between Slavia Prague and AEK Athens at Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens is believed to have had an attendance of 80,000, but that total was not verified at the time. The previous record attendance for an NBA All-Star game was 44,735, set at the Houston Astrodome for the 1989 All-Star Game.

Record attendance at the world cup?

yes i know

What MLB has the record for most attendance?

Colorado Rockies

What is the world record for longest basketball shot?

There really is no held record for the longest basketball shot.