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every sport in the Olympics because they are the one that invented the olympics. Thats where it all started

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Q: What is the oldest sport in Greece?
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Related questions

What is the oldest collegiate sport?

The oldest collegiate sport is known for being track and field. Track and Field has been played since ancient Greece.

What is the oldest organized sport?

I believe it is foot racing from ancient Greece. Possibly.

What is the oldest sport world wide?

One of the oldest sports in the world is the discus throw. The discus throw or toss was one of the original Olympic games played in Ancient Greece.

Americas oldest sport?

The oldest sport is baseball in America

What is the oldest animal sport?

I think polo is an oldest animal sport

What sport does Greece have?

Football (also known as soccer) is the national sport of Greece.

What is the oldest team sport?

The oldest team sport is Horse Polo, dating back to 600BC

What is the most popular sport in Greece?

The most popular sport in Greece is soccer or as they call it, football

What is the second oldest sport?

basketball is the 2nd oldest.

What is the national sport of Greece?

soccer is the national sport of greece , but basketball is quite strong in second place.

What its the oldest olympic sport?

The oldest known olympic sport is bull jumping. Source:

What was the oldest sport rugby rowing football wrestling?

Wrestling is the oldest sport as it was played by Greeks and Romans before the birth of Christ

Where did the sport bocce ball originate?

Bocce Ball can be the oldest sport in human history. It dates back to 5000 B.C. In Egyptian art humans appear playing a similar game with stones. Bocce Ball was then imported in Greece by 800 B.C.

What is the oldest sport in the world?

Depends on the definition of sport. Wrestling is the oldest form of competition, dating back thousands of years.

What sport is thought to be the oldest sport in olympic history?


What is greece's national sport?

Greece's national sport is football, known in America as soccer. Greece's national football team has been improving over the last decade.

Is wrestling the oldest sport?

yes and no.... it was in the first olympic games... but people ran first. But Wrestling is widely considered to be the oldest sport.

What is the oldest sport basketball baseball or football?

Basketball best and oldest

What sport is the oldest and still existing?

Sex. Oldest Position? Missionary.

What sport was the oldest human skills?


What is a oldest recipe in Greece?


What is the oldest building in Greece?

The Parthenon

Which is the oldest city in Europe?


What is the oldest professional sport in the US?

Baseball is the oldest professional sport in America. The first game recorded with codified rules happened on June 19, 1846.

What is the oldest true American sport not derived from another sport?