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There was only on running event played in the Ancient Olympics, the short sprint from one side of the stadium to the other.

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Q: What is the oldest running event of the ancient olympics?
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What the oldest running event in the Olympics?

Foot races

What is the oldest event in the Olympics?


What are the main events in the Olympics in Greece?

The ancient Greek Olympics was a three day event. The games included, running, long jump, boxing, and javelin throwing.

Was triathlon an event in the ancient Olympics?


Is running an event in the summer Olympics?


What is Greece's best event in the Olympics?

The answer is running

Pankration in ancient Olympics was a double winner of this event. What was the event?


Who is the oldest recorded Olympic medalist and what event did they win?

Oscar Swan: At the age of 72, he was the oldest sportsman to compete in the 1920 Summer Olympics. In fact, he was the oldest athlete ever to compete in the Olympics. His best results were in the team competitions: a fourth place in the single shot running deer event, and a second place in the double shot running deer contest. With this silver medal, he is also the oldest medalist of any colour of all time (not counting the art competitions).

What Sports were in the Ancient Olympics?

The Ancient Olympics began as a one day event, but expanded to three days to accommodate each sport. Sports at the Ancient Olympics included running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration and equestrian.

What was the event held at the earliest ancient Olympics games?

The earliest known event was the footrace.

What was thought to be the hardest event in the ancient Olympics?

it was the 3000m sprint

What does hoplitodromos mean?

Race of the Soldiers. It was an event in the ancient Olympics.