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Q: What is the old name for a 9-iron golf club?
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Name of old golf club starting with an O?

Oakmont Country Club

What is the Old name for a Five Iron golf club?


In golf what is the old name for an 8-iron golf club?

a nibley can be a 7 - 9 iron.

What sport uses a mashie?

Masie is an old name for a type of golf club.

In golf what is the Old name for a 5-iron golf club?

i believe it is a masse I think that the correct term is Mashie

When was the Burke cobra 2 wood golf club created?

what was the old name for the 2 wood?

What is an old 2 wood golf club called?

a brassie

Anybody out there collect golf memorabilia-old hickory golf club etc?

You might try they auction golf memorabilia including Old Hickory clubs. I believe they have a golf Blog you can ask questions about golf memorabilia.

What are some good destinations for an Ireland golf vacation?

The southwest coast of Ireland is the most popular among golfers, featuring the country's most visited golf course, Ballybunion. Lahinch Golf Club and Waterville coupled with Doonbeg Golf Club, Tralee Golf Club, and Old Head Golf Links make these region one of golf's "must-play treks."

Can a 17 year old work in a golf club?

absolutely, it depends on his/her mannerisms, proper use of the English language, and the enthusiasm to learn about golf.

What is an old Hillerich and Bradsby golf club worth?

lo skore chromium puter

Jobs for 13 year old in central Illinois?

u can work at the golf club

Why do they call golf golf?

It originated from the old Dutch word "kolf" which meant club. The word was talked about around the Scottish by a few Dutchmen and the Scottish dialect turned the word into golf.

Spalding top flite Henry cotton 8 iron golf club it is numbered 1193 can you tell you how old this club would be?

yes, i can tell me how old this club would be. In fact, i think i will!! See u later!

You are 74 years old and have a club head speed of 72 How do you determine what flex shaft you should use and what is the kick point you should be getting?

Go to a golf store such as Golf Galaxy and there will be custom club fitters that can assist you.

Why do you need to trim a golf shaft?

You might "trim" or shorten the shaft of a golf club if it is too long for the person using it. Basically, the club was designed for a taller person than the one wishing to use it, but it is often cheaper to shorten the shaft of an old club than get a new shaft or new club.

What is an old name for a 3 wood in golf?


What is the old name for a golf 1-wood?


How old do you have to be to work at a Golf Course?

15 if you have a ride but usually the would rather you be 16 at a country club

How is golf different from football?

•In golf, a club is used •In golf, you don't wear armor •In golf, you don't run •In golf, you play it carefully instead of head on •In football, Old people can't play.

How old do you have to be to work in Michigan?

You have to be 14 or older for most jobs, but 11 or older to be a golf caddy or bridge caddy. The age minimum sometimes depends on the golf club.

What is the old name for a 5-iron in golf?

It was called a Mashie

In golf what is the old name for a 7-Iron?

Mashie Niblick

Where did golf get its name?

The word golf came from the Dutch word 'kolf' when means club or bat. Golf is likely to mean 'goulf', (or, spelled gouff, goiff, goffe, goff, gowff, and golph etc. The concept of having only one correct spelling per word is a relatively modern notion,) which is an old Scottish term for striking or hitting.

What is the distance an A wedge golf club should hit a golf ball?

I am 15 years old and pretty athletic. I hit my Pitching Wedge around 100 yards with a full swing.