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the quarterback

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Q: What is the offensive leader called on the field called in the game of football?
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The offensive leader on the football field?

The quarterback, originally called blocking back is a position in American and Canadian football. Quarterbacks are members of the offensive team and line up directly behind the offensive line. Quarterbacks are the leaders of the offensive team, responsible for calling the play in the huddle.

What is the lead person of a football team called?

the leader ofa football can be the coach. the leader of the players is called captain and the leader on the field is the quarterback on offense and usually the middle linebacker

Who is the offensive leader on the field?

The quarterback.

The offensive leader on the field?

nope i can't

What is football playground called?

a football field?

What is an americian football ground called?

a football field

There is usually only one of these on the field for the offensive team in football?


What are the lines at each side of a football field called?

what are the lines calledat each side of a football field called

What is an Australian rules football field called?

It's called a field or an oval.

Who is the person that runs the offense during a football game?

The Quarterback is the offensive field captain of a football team.

How many offensive players can be on the field at once in football?

11 on defense 11 on offense

Why is football called the grid iron sport?

football is not called the grid iron the field is the grid iron

How many players are on offense in football on the field?

While football is being played, there are 11 offensive players on the field. Anything more would be a penalty, anything less would be.

How many players are allowed on the football field during offensive possession?

its always gona be 11

What is an American football pitch called?

The word is simply "field." It can also be described as a "gridiron" due to its marking into segments by yard lines. An American football field can also be called a football pitch. In other parts of the world football is called soccer, thus a football pitch in a place like England would be a soccer field.

What is a place where football is played called?

In the UK we call them Football Grounds, Pitch or a Field.

An area of land about the size of a football field what is it called?


What are the offensive positions in American football?

The quarterback (QB) throws the football, the runningback (also called halfback and full back depending on their field position) (RB, HB, FB) runs with it, the receiver catches it and the offensive lineman blocks to protect the quarterback. There is also the punter in the special teams.

What is an offensive position?

The players at the front of the field and they are also called forwards.

What is a football playground called?

UK- football pitch. US- soccer pitch, soccer field.

Why is American football often called the gridiron sport?

A gridiron has parallel bars or beams. The American football field has parallel lines on the field.

What is that thing called that football players run at and drag across the field when they're practicing?

The equipment football players drag across the field when they are training is called football sleds. They use this as a way to strengthen their defensive line.

What is it called when a football team kicks a three point score?

it is called a field goal

What do the lines on the football playing field mean?

The lines of a football playing field tell the players the number of yards they are on. In addition, the lines at the end of the field are called end lines. The lines along the side of each field are called side lines.

Why did the chicken go on the football field?

because the ref called a foul