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Oregon ducks

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Q: What college football team has the number one ranked rush offense?
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What college football team is ranked number one in the AP poll?


What is North Carolina's Tar Heels ranking in college football?

They are ranked number 1 in the league

Has there ever been two teams from the same state ranked number one and number two in college football?

No. As of August 2015, that has never happened. Detroit won three championships in 1935. The Lions (NFL), Red Wings (NHL) and Tigers (MLB) all won their respective championships. Technically, Detroit had a perfect year because the NBA did not come into existence until 1946.

How many times has an unranked college football team beat a number 1 ranked team?

Until #1 Ohio State did it this year with wins over then #2 Texas and then #2 Michigan, only one team had done it twice since 1963. The 1971 Nebraska #1 team defeated #2 Oklahoma 35-31 on Nov. 25, 1971, and then defeated the #2 Alabama team in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 1, 1972 by a score of 38 - 6. It should be noted that the #2 Texas team of 1963 defeated the #1 Oklahoma team by a score of 28 - 7, on Oct. 12, 1963, and then went on, as the #1 ranked team, to defeat the #2 ranked Navy team in the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 1, 1964 by a score of 28 - 6. Ohio State has a great chance for a record-setting third win over a #2 team in the BCS championship game in 2007.

What rank is football?

Arkansas football is ranked number 15.

How many teams in college football were ranked number one before the season started and finished the season number one?

2001 FSU team.

What rank is Arkansas football?

Arkansas football is ranked number 15.

What sport is ranked number 1?

football, undoubtedly!!

Where can you see the top 15 ranked teams in college football?

Which college is number one in New York City?

Berkely College is ranked number 1