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The objective of Javelin is to throw the javelin over the greatest possible distance.

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Q: What is the objective of the javelin event?
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What event can you throw the furthest from?


What is an event where throw a spear?

its javelin

What is a sentence using the word javelin?

the Javelin Throw is my favorite Olympics event.

How many players do you need for javelin?

Since javelin is a competitive event you would need at least two players but the more you had the better the competition would be. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, there were 38 athletes in the men's javelin event and 54 athletes in the women's javelin event.

What event where athletes throw a spear?


What is the name of the event where you use a spear?


What is a event where athleles throw a spear?


Who won the javelin event at the 2004 Olympic Games?

What javelin mean? For the above, who ever wrote that, it means, an event where you have to throw a javelin as far as you can. And for the country that won the 2004 Olympic Games for the event Javelin, it's Russia. Answer 2:No, sorry. The track and field events, as javelin, are individual, not nations. The winner of the javelin in 2004 Olympics was Andreas Thorkildsen of Norway. The bronze medalist was a Russian.

Is the javelin considered a track and field event?

Yes, it is a throwing event and therefore a field event.

What Olympic event starts with the letter j?


Where is javelin throw event most popular?

new york

Who won the first javelin event?

Zelezny, he always won!

Which is the throwing event performed without a safety cage?


How do you use the word javelin in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.The warrior threw his javelin.The javelin toss is an Olympic event.

Who was the first person to throw a javelin?

Both in the historical and athletic context, the exact person who first threw a javelin is unknown. The first use of a javelin was as a weapon, so it was likely a soldier or hunter who first threw it. In terms of the event of javelin, history indicates that it was an athlete in ancient Greece who first participated in the event.

Is a javelot a sport?

Yes, Javelin is a sport. It is a track and field event.

How many states allow high school javelin?

Only seventeen states allow Javelin as a field event in high school. Many other states such as Arizona are looking into adding the event.

Person who throws the discus or javelin?

There is no real title for an athlete that throws the discus or javelin - they are simply referred to as javelin or discus throwers, or more generally as throwers, field event athletes, etc.

What is the event called when you throw a stick as far as you could?

There is Javelin, and 3 more.

Which track and field event features a spear-shape object?

Javelin throw

Which event performed in a safety cage?

shot put, discuss and maybe javelin

Which track and field event features a spear shaped object?

Javelin throw

How does an individual becomw the winner of a javelin event?

They have to throw the javelin further than the rest of the competitors. once a person throws their javelin, the distance is measured and recorded. once everyone has thrown, the winner is determined.

Who is Jason pomel?

He is a track and field official who was struck in the head by a javelin during an event.

What is the final throwing event in the decathlon?

Javelin, which is the 9th of the 10 events performed in a decathlon.