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To score as many goals as possible and to score more goals as the opposition

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Q: What is the object of soccer?
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Is the sentence Tim invited you to a soccer game an indirect object or a direct object?

The sentence 'Tim invited you to a soccer game' is neither an indirect object nor a direct object. It is a sentence. It CONTAINS an indirect object ('a soccer game') and a direct object ('you'). It also contains a subject ('Tim'), a verb ('invited'), and a preposition ('to').

What object comes in a group of nine?


What is a real life object of a pentagon?

Soccer ball

What's the direct object in the scentence Jill asked us girls to go to the soccer field?

soccer filed

What object is equivalent to 3 liters?

A soccer ball is about 3 litres

Does fluid friction affect soccer balls?

All friction affects a moving object, the source of the friction and the object moving is irrelevant. Water on a soccer ball would effect the performance of the ball.

What is the height of a soccer ball?

Since a soccer ball is a circular object, it is not measured in height, but in circumference. A size 5 soccer ball is about 27 or 28 inches in circumference.

How did soccer dovelop?

Soccer was developed because in china japan and rome they used an object and kicked it it's the same thing as soccer soccer is a well highly muscular sport you need more than 6 yrs of practice soccer rules

What is the object of lacrosse?

the objective is to score as much as you can... just like soccer, but better

What is the object of the game of soccer?

The goal is to find stratigies and score goals ! but ...... you can also have fun ! =)

What object is shaped like a pentagon?

The Pentagon building and there are pentagons on soccer balls.

Why is there a gravitational force between a bowling ball and a soccer ball?

Because basically, every object in the Universe attracts every other object.

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