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Q: What is the number one sports team?
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How does sports team show respect after a death?

By saving the players jersey and allowing no one to have the number

What are the differences between team sports and individual sports?

Team sports are with more than one person. Individual sports only have one person. Hope this helps!!!!

Which sports team has the largest number of fans?


What is team sports?

Team sports are those which have more than one player on each 'side'.

Does Justin Bieber like hockey?

Yes, it is one of his favorite sports and he used to play on a team, he was number 18.

What are 3 major sports team in Kansas?

There is only one professional sports team in Kansas. Sporting KC.

Where could one find information about the Slime Sports Team?

The Slime Sports Team is a team consisting of four members: Pegram, Rabenda, Jochem and Neish. One can look for more information about the Slime Sports Team online at Slime Games.

What are two sports teams in Arkansas?

Arkansas does not have a professional sports team and they only have one college team, the Arkansas Razorbacks.

What is the correct grammar between team sports or sports team?

A sports team is grammatically correct.

What are the differences between team sports and individual team sports?

In team sports u have to trust your team but in individual sports u have to work by urself ..

Famous sports player for Holland sports teams?

For the Netherlands Football Team there is Wesley Sneijder (number 10)

What are the difference between individual games and team sports?

In individual games, one relies solelyupon him/herself. In team sports, if one person fails, it reflects the entire team. A team sport cannot be accomplished if only one person participaits

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