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In Chess, 2 players are required.

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Q: What is the number of players required to play chess?
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Is chess a sport and if so how is it one?

Chess is a sport because in a sport there are 2+ players who play and in Chess there are 2 players who play.

What is the best game to play on the internet?

Chess and Poker are the best games to play on Internet. You can find number of online players of chess and poker on Internet.

Where the professional chess players play?

Professional chess players play a wide venue ~ see related link below .

What is the maximum number of players that can play in any chess variant?

4, as proven by Sheldon Cooper.

Do rooks play chess?

Technically, no, since rooks aren't alive, unless you are talking about rookie players. However, you USE the rooks in ORDER to play chess. (I am referring to the chess pieces, not the Rookie players.)

How many players can play chess at a time?


What is the setup for chess and how do you play it?

You can learn the rules of chess and how to play the game at the related link below which has a number of tutorials on how to play chess .

Why do people play chess?

Many chess players enjoy a friendly game of chess where they can test their skills against another opponent .

How do you properly play chess?

To play a proper game of Chess , the players need to be acquainted with the rules of the game ~ see related link below .

How many players play chess?

2 if your asking how many at a time.

Is there a way to play online chess against a certain person?

There are a number of chess site where you can play chess with another opponent such as Yahoo Games .

Would chess players constitute a group?

Two people play the game of Chess, they would not constitute a group, however if there was several poeple playing several games in the same place that would be a group of chess players.

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