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Q: What is the number of foul balls hit by one player in one time at bat?
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Why are baseball only used 4-5 pitches in each game?

Balls only last such a short time because of a number of factors: Foul Balls, scuffed balls get thrown out because scuffs give pitchers an advantage, homeruns, and the infamous 3rd out flip into the stands.

Is foul ball counted as a strike?

It depends on how the game is being played. Most of the time, foul balls don't count as a strike; you can hit a ton of foul balls while you're up to bat and it won't matter. If you're playing a strict game of baseball, though, if you go up to bat and hit two foul balls, they count as strikes. Then, if you miss the ball or whatever, that would be your third strike. And you're out. :) Foul balls count as strikes when every the batter does not have two strikes, once a batter gets two strikes foul balls are no longer counted as strikes.

In pool if a player makes a stripe without calling it does that make the player stripes?

Only if this occurs on the break. However under BCA Rules, if the player makes a stripe and continues to pocket stripes, after 2 pocketed balls he will indeed have stripes if the other player fails to call foul prior to that time.

What is holding foul in basketball?

holding foul is an illegal use of hand foul

When you go free throws in basketball game?

there are two possible ways: 1º. When any player commits a foul within the 3-point line. 2º. When the opponent team has an excessive number of fouls, the other team gets a "bonus". Every time there is a foul, you will go to free throws.

Can you leap over a player to block a kick in the NFL?

Yes it's not a foul and loads of players do it all the time

Can two golf balls be hit off the fairway at the same time?

No, only one player is supposed to hit at a time.

I would like to know the names of the batter pitcher catcher when a single time at bat hit the most foul tips ever recorded and number of foul tips and year it happened?

Dave Bob and Jim

What is the definition of Masquerading?

masquerading is usually done at costume balls where masks are worn until a specific time when everyone removes them. Halloween is the number one time of year now for masquerade balls.

What are the top 10 all-time men's ncaa foul shot leaders?

all i know is tyler hansbrough is number 1

What happens to base runners when a defensive player catches a ball in foul territory and his momentum carries him to out of bounds?

If the fielder falls into the stands or the dugout after catching the foul, the ball is dead and runners are awarded base from the base they occupied at the time of the pitch.

Is a violation or a foul more serious?

- A foul is when the opposite teams accidently hits you, trips you, kicks you, etc but a violation is when say your shooting a free throw and you step over the free throw line when your shooting or someone else enters the key to early or your taking the ball out of bounds and they reach across the boundry line!!