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Pay attention to the game at all times! Know where your runners are, and if their covered.

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Q: What is the number 1 rule in softball?
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Is there a framing rule in fastpitch softball?

No there is no framing rule.

What number was Dot Richardson in softball?

Dot Richardon was number 1

Which is more athletic basketball or softball?

The hardest to me is softball but they rank basketball number 4 and softball number 9 on how hard it is.

What is the number one rule of Halloween safety?

what is the number 1 rule for halloween safety

Number of innings in a softball game?

There are 7 innings in a softball game

What number of pitches are there in softball?

There is no set number.

In softball pitching why must be the ball thrown underhand?

That's just the rule. It is like baseball, because if you pitched underhanded in baseball, it would be a balk, and there is probably a similar rule in softball.

Is there a pitching arc rule in girls 12u fastpitch softball?

No, but there should be.

What is the name of the association that runs softball'?

There are a number of associations in softball but I will presume you are asking about ASA (amateur softball association).

What is the general rule for raising a number to the power of 1?

Raising a number to the power of 1 doesn't change the number.

Why do women in fastpitch softball pitch the ball underhanded?

cuz that's the rule

How many innings are in a softball game?

7 innings unless there is a mercy rule

How many division 1 softball teams are there?

There are 346 NCAA Division 1 softball teams.

What is Diameter of softball in inches?

The diameter of a softball is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter. The diameter of a softball is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter.

What was Cat Osterman's softball number?

her number for the Thunder is #8

What are the rule's for softball?

There are many rules in softball but there are different leagues. Post a question more specific about what type of league and you may receive better answers.

Sacrifice fly rule in slow pitch softball?

In competitive mens slowpitch softball, a "sac fly" is an out. However, the batter still receives the RBI.

What is the salary of a division 1 softball head coach?

what is the salary of a division 1 head softball coach

What is the main aim of softball?

The main of softball is to have the most number of runs at the end of the 7th innings

What is Natasha Watley's softball number?


What is the rule in ASA fast pitch softball 12u for run limit per half inning?

Its a 5 point mercy rule

8 run rule in college softball?

8 or more runs after 5 innings.

What the number for a forfited softball game?

A softball game is 7 innings and a forfeited game is scored at 1 run per inning. The score would be reflected as a 7-0 game.

What is the pattern rule for 3-4-5-6?

3 4 5 6 The next number is 1 plus the previous number So the pattern rule is the next number is n + 1

When does softball end?

softball has 7 innings in less a tie then they play more innings if one team is winning by a lot they have the mercy rule and they call the game