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Redeem Team

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Q: What is the nickname of the coach for 2008 US men's basketball team?
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Who is the Duke Mens basketball coach?

Coach K...

What current coach has the most NCAA mens basketball championships?

Mike Krzyzewski I think. 2008.

Who is the mens basketball coach for ecu?

Jeff Lebo

Who is Duke's mens basketball coach?

Mike Krzyzewski

Who was usf basketball coach 1955?

don mens

What is gonzaga ncaa mens basketball nickname?

The Bulldogs

Who is Texas techs mens basketball coach?

Pat Knight

Who was the Indiana's mens basketball coach in 1975?

Bob Knight

Who will the University of Kentucky get to coach their mens basketball program?

They have hired Coach John Calipari from UMass.

What is the name of the Michigan state mens basketball coach?

Tom Izzo

Who is head mens basketball coach at Oakland university?

Greg Kampe

Who is the oldest mens d1 basketball coach?

Dr Homer Drew