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Hull City used to play at Boothferry Park, but moved in 2002 , because the stadium was set for demolition.

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Hull City are known as the 'Tigers'. This is due to their black and yellow stripped kit.

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The KC Stadium

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Hull City plays in the championship.

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Q: What is the nickname of Hull city Fc?
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How did Hull Fc get nickname Airlie Birds?

Hull FC got their name Airlie Birds from the fact that their home ground was in Airlie Street, off the Boulevard in Hull.

What is Hull City's nickname?

Hull City are known as The Tigers.

Which football team played at the Kc stadium?

the hull city footall club!

What UK football team has black and orange team colors?

Hull city fc; wolverhampton fc

What sport make do Hull City fc use?

Hull city fanc wear orange and white shirts, but the make is umbro, there nickname is the tigers, and the Yorkshire oranges, there we are can anyone answer my question, does xbox live gold membership do the same job as gold membership and also xbox live? Hull city wear orange and black shirts, there home is the Kingston comunication stadium ( kc stadium ) and they play football, the kc is also home to hull fc rugby league club.

How many people can hull city stadium hold?

Hull City FC's stadium, KC stadium, can hold up to 25,586 people.

What information can one find on the Hull City FC website?

On the Hull City FC website, one can find information regarding news, fixtures & results, tickets, the team, fans, stats, clubs, commerical, highlights, interviews, and commentaries.

Is Hull fc better than Hull kr?

yes hull fc are way better than hull kr. fc have a better stadium better players and they have better tactics than kr

Name of hull city?

Hull City AFC. AFC stands for Association Football Club, not Amateur Football Club. Nickname- The Tigers

What british football team has the nickname tigers?

Hull City.

When Does Chelsea FC Play?

they play on sauterday 15th august against hull city at home

What is FC Utrecht's nickname?

"Utreg" is the nickname for FC Utrecht.