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I think it's a variation of the rear naked choke but I'm not 100% sure.

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Q: What is the neck yoke wrestling move?
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What is a homonym for yoke?

A homonym for yoke would be yolk. A yoke is attached to the neck of two animals in order to attach the plow to the animals. A yolk is the center of an egg.

What is the bullocks used to pull logs in the early days often had this wooden neck-piece around their neck?

a yoke

What is the purpose of the yoke on a dress shirt?

The yoke is designed to make the shirt sit smoothly on the shoulders and follow the line of the neck/back/shoulders when worn.

What causes a slanted tv picture?

If the deflection yoke is rotated it can cause a slanted TV picture. The deflection yoke is located on the tube neck inside the TV.

What is the restraining wrestling move called when you stand behind someone and put your arms under their arms and then lock your hands behind their neck?

Full Nelson

What does an ox wear around its neck?

An ox wears a yoke around its neck so that it can pull large loads like wagons or plows.

Will world wrestling entertainment superstar edge return to world wrestling entertainment?

The guy's neck is broken. I don't think he's going to return with a broken neck.

How did hulk hogan injure his neck?

Hulk Hogan is a former professional wrestler. He injured his neck during a wrestling match in the WCW. He had to leave wrestling because of the injury.

Who was stone cold wrestling when he broke his neck?

Owen Hart

What does it mean when your neck cracks everytime you move it?

what happens when your neck cracks everytime you move it

Can you Use yoke in a sentence?

If you are reffering to what oxen and other work animals use, then yes. "The two oxen pulled the yoke together to move the plow"

Does the rko hurt?

The RKO is the finishing move of wrestler Randy Orton. If you attempt it in real life outside of a professional wrestling ring, it would hurt very much and can damage the neck.