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Q: What is the nature and purpose of a visa?
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What is the nature and purpose of accounting?

The nature and purpose of accounting

Is Singapore visa is a entry visa?

There are different types of Singapore Visa and all are for entry visa depending on the type of activities or purpose you visit the country.

What are the nature and purpose of spreadsheets?

what are the nature and purposes ofspreadsheets

What is the Nature and purpose or function of constitution?

what are the nature and function of constitution

Visa requirements for a Chile citizen to US?

You have to apply for a US visa prior to departure for any purpose of travel.

Is a visa guaranteed visa after marriage?

It depends on the laws of the country where you live. In most countries, they require background check in order to issue a visa no matter what the purpose is.

What does a Visa for the US allow you to do?

Depending on the purpose of travel to the US you have visa from A to Z categories. So its important to decide on the category which best suites your purpose of travel to US.For example you have the B-2 visa for tourist purposes, You have the TN visa exclusively reserved for Mexican or Canadian citizens etc.

What is a ferrets purpose in nature?

To be a ferret.

What is the difference between artist and entertainer in a visa application?

They make no difference. Both are eligible for P visa. The type of P visa varies depending on the nature of the programs they conduct.

What type of visa is needed to work during a vacation in the US?

You can not work during a vacation in the US so there is no visa for that purpose.

What is the purpose of a visa?

The purpose of a visa is to allow a person to gain access or entrance into another country for a given period of time. However, that person must have a valid reason for entering the country.

Do you need a separate visa to enter Singapore if you hold an Malaysian tourist visa?

hallo, visa is not required for you if you travel there on a tourist purpose

How do you apply for visa?

You will apply for visa at the Department of Immigration. There are several documents that you will be required to provide including proof of nationality and you are also supposed to state the purpose and period of the visa.

Where you can apply for a Pakistan visa?

Through any consulate or embassy of Pakistan you can apply for Pakistani visa. For this purpose, you'll have to provide necessary documents, your purpose to visit Pakistan, and duration to stay Pakistan.

What is the nature and purpose of constitution?

The nature of the Constitution is very important to establish a Country.

What is the purpose of Emersons essay Nature?

describe a profound way of seeing nature.

Is it necessary to have a visa to enter the US?

Yes, to enter US visa is a must. Depending on the purpose of your visit the category differs from A to Z. For example B-1 is work visa, B-2 is tourist visa, F-1 is student visa etc.

What is the purpose of a playwright?

To understand human nature.

What is the nature and purpose of function of constitution?


What is study of design and purpose in nature?


What are the Nature purpose and consequences of science?


What is the purpose of Visa Travel Money?

The Visa Travel Money debit card is a prepaid card and can be used where ever Visa cards are accepted. This card can be used at ATMs and charges on this card can be disputed.

What visa do you need to enter into India with a Spanish passport?

It depends on your purpose of travel. If you are going there as a tourist; a tourist visa, if you are going there for business; a business visa and other categories follow the same thing.

Which is best to apply working visa or immigrant visa?

Depends on the purpose of your stay to a certain country. If you aim to live long regardless of work or not and if you are not in a hurry to process the visa then, the immigrant visa is the one. If you only intend to work in the country and already have an employer, then the work visa is good.

What is the purpose of a passport andd visa for travel?

The main purpose for a passport & Visa is to prove one's identity. It also signifies that you are a citizen or a person in good standing.. It shows custom people you are a real person with no law violations.