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The national sport in Sierra Leone is football.

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Q: What is the national sport in sierra Leone?
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Related questions

What is the national sport of Sierra Leone?

football (called "soccer" in the United States)

When was National Council of Sierra Leone created?

National Council of Sierra Leone was created in 1950.

History of sports in sierra Leone?

The history of sports in Sierra Leone begins with football from Portugal. Settlers from this area brought their love of football which then became a national sport.

When was Sierra Leone National Premier League created?

Sierra Leone National Premier League was created in 1967.

When was Sierra Leone National First Division created?

Sierra Leone National First Division was created in 2002.

What is the national animal of Sierra-Leone?


What country is Sierra Leone in?

Sierra Leone is in the country Sierra Leone.

What is the national bird of sierra Leone?

The Northern Cardinal.

Do Sierra Leone have a national plant?

yes the lili-pad

Where is Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is located in the continent of Africa.

What continent is sierra leone on?

Sierra Leone is a nation in Africa.

Does Sierra Leone have schools?

Yes, Sierra Leone has schools.

What continent is Sierra Leone located?

Sierra Leone is in Africa.

What do people in Sierra Leone call their money?

The currency of Sierra Leone is called the Leone.

What is the ZIP code for Sierra Leone?

The zip code for sierra leone is +232

Where did the Slaves in Jamaica come from?

they came from sierra Leone and Ghana but mostly sierra Leone and half of there word are sierra-Leone's

What is the currency of sierra Leone?


Is Sierra Leone a country or a city?

Sierra Leone is a country in Africa.

What is sierra Leone famous for?

Sierra Leone is famous for its wealth on Diamonds

Was sierra Leone a french colony?

No, Sierra Leone was colonized by the British.

What is the currency of sierra Leone called?

The Sierra Leonean 'leone' is the currency of Sierra Leone.The leone is divided into 100 cents.The international currency symbol is SLL

How do you spell Sierra Leone in french?

Same as in English, "Sierra Leone" (fem.). The long form is "République de Sierra Leone" (fem.)

What countries can Sierra Leone citizens go to without a visa?

Sierra Leone

What is a main dish in Sierra Leone?

The main food in Sierra Leone is Rice

Does Sierra Leone have a railway system?

NO. Sierra Leone does not have a working railway system.