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The beginning throw to start the game or the throw after a team scores is call the "pull."

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Q: What is the name of the throw off used to start a frisbee game?
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What is the name of the frisbee game involving body contact?

Ultimate Frisbee also referred to as 'Guts' sometimes

What are the name position for Frisbee?

Handler (people that normally throw the disc) Midfield, and long (person in the way back)

What is Frisbee in French?

"Frisbee" is Frisbee in French because Frisbee is a trademark name.

How many ways are there to throw frisbees?

There are many different ways to throw a Frisbee, but to name some of the more popular ones: Backhand, forehand, hammer, scuber, and chicken wing. Of course, any way you throw the disc can be considered a type of throw.

How did Frisbee get its name?

The Frisbee got its name from the Frisbie Pie Company. The bakery was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The pies were popular among college students at Yale University. Legend has it that students would eat the pies and then throw the pie tins around like Frisbees-as indeed they were.

Is Frisbee trademarked?

Frisbee is a trademark name by Wham-O

How did a Frisbee get its name?

William Russel frisbee invented the frisbee. and Walter Morrison became interested in flying saucer which led to the frisbee trademark.

How did the frezbee get its name?

how did the frisbee get its name

If you say I played frisbee is frisbee capitalized?

Frisbee is always capitalized. It's a trademark

What second name for Frisbee?

disc, ultimate frisbee, flatball, plastic spinning thing. 'frisbee' is a company's trade name which is why the sport is called 'ultimate frisbee'.

Where did the name frisbee come?

The Frisbee came about after students discovered throwing Frisbee pie pans supplied entertainment. This led Walter Fredrick Morrison to invent and patent the first plastic Frisbee.

What were the 2 names for Frisbee before the name frisbee?

Pluto Platter, Mars Platter and Flying Saucer