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Q: What is the name of the sports which uses bow and arrows?
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What is the weapon that an archer uses?

A bow and arrows.

What are the weapons used by the Greek gods?

Most of the gods used their own weapons. Zeus uses a lighting bolt. Poseidon uses a trident. Eros uses a magical bow and arrow that makes people fall in love. Athena uses a spear and shield. Artemis uses a silver bow and silver arrows. Apollo uses a golden bow and golden arrows. Ares uses a spear, shield, and chariot.

What is Apollo's weapon or special power?

In the cases where he needs a weapon he uses a bow and arrows.

What does Brian do with his shoe string in the book hatchet?

he uses it for a string in his bow & arrows

What is the name of a pack in which you would carry arrows for a bow?

A Quiver is used to hold arrows and it is attach to the bow. You can also get side quiver that you wear around your waist.

What does a archor do?

Anchor? holds something in place. Archer? uses a bow and arrows.

What is the name of the pack in which you would carry arrows for a bow?


Did aboriginals use bow and arrows?

Yes they did use bow and arrows

Name of the box which contains arrows?

A box that people wear to hold arrows to shoot with a bow is called a quiver.

What is the name the serpent?

Python is the name of the serpent that god Apollo killed with his arrows and bow.

How did cro magnon make bow and arrows?

Cro magnon made bow and arrows. The earliest bow and arrows were made with sharpened stone tied to a stick. The bow used a piece of leather and wood.

Why did Artemis have a bow and arrows?

As the goddess of the hunt, Artemis needed her bow and arrows to hunt.

What items are associated with Atalanta?

Atlanta uses a bow and arrows mostly. however, there might be other items she used.

What are the uses of a bow and arrow today?

mostly hunting sports and fishing

What is the god Eros symbol?

bow and arrowBow and arrows, flaming torch.He has a bow and arrows, sometimes a torch.

Are bow and arrows examples of capital resources for the Indians?

are bow and arrows examples of capital resources

What is the name of the bags the Indian's used to carry bow and arrows?

Those are Quivers.

How do you spell Bowen arrows?

Bow and arrows.

What color bow and arrows did Apollo have?

He had a silver bow and silver arrows, just like her sister Artemis :)

How do you find out what kind of arrows you need to shoot out of your bow?

You need to get your bow poundage and draw length measured, and arrows made to match. Never use wooden arrows in a compound bow, they will splinter during release.

Where can one buy professional archery arrows?

Professional archery arrows can be found and bought online from many different websites. Some of them include Amazon, eBay, Bow-sports website, and the Bass pro website.

What tools did the tribe Waxhaw use?

Spears,Bow and Arrows,They are farmers so hoes and shovels

What do you use the bow and arrow for in Zelda?

It is frequently used as a tool to hit eye switches on walls, but in certain games, e.g. OoT, it can be upgraded to have different kinds of arrows, which have different uses, Fire Arrows = Melt Ice, Light Arrows = Kill Enemies.

How has a ancient bow and arrow changed into a modern bow and arrow?

The ancient people made the bow and arrows. The bow and the arrows are changing because of the people or inventor that wants to improve it. They created bowgun,the bow that using in archering etc.

Who gave Katniss the bow and arrows?

In the first book, Glimmer grabbed the bow and arrows before Katniss made it. During the Tracker Jacker attack, Glimmer was killed, and Katniss managed to grab the bow and arrows before running off. Her dad gave her the bow and arrows that she had in the woods in the beginning, in district 12. In the second book, I think the bow and arrows were just in the cornucopia in the beginning. She grabbed them before they ran. In the third book, Beetee invented a bow and arrows that only reacted to Katniss' voice. It also had special arrows that did different things. Hope it helped!