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Q: What is the name of the skill used in volleyball to put the ball in motion?
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What is a different name for volleyball?

for volleyball- v-ball,v.b.,voll ball. for volleyball player- volleyballer,v-baller,vollballer,or just plain baller

What was the original name for volleyball?

Mintonette is the first name of the volleyball...afterwards a man noticed the game and called it volleyball (originally spelled as Volley ball)...

In Tom Hanks' 2000 movie Cast Away what is the name of the volleyball?

The volleyball was named Wilson as in the name of the manufacturer of the ball.

What is the name of player assigned to set the ball of volleyball?

The setter

What is the name of the sport that involves kicking a ball that resembles a volleyball?

Sepak Takraw (a.k.a. kick volleyball)

How did volleyball get it name?

Alfred Halstead, a newspaper reporter, noticed the volleying nature of the game and called it "volley ball." It was originally known as "mintonette." Volley ball was eventually shortened to volleyball. because the object of the sport is to volley the ball over the net Volleyball got its name from when you volley the ball and that the shape of the ball is a sphere.

How did the word volleyball become the name of volleyball?

Volleyball got that name because the term volley is the action of hitting or moving the ball over the net without letting it touch the ground it is the same way in tennis if you smack the ball back over without it touching the ground it is a volley so since in volleyball it is illegal for the ball to touch to ground it is a game of multiple volleys called VOLLEYBALL!

In the film Cast Away what is the name of the football?

it's a volleyball, and Chuck names it WilsonIt was a soccer ball, and it was Wilson--the brand name.No, it actually was a volleyball

WHAT is the name of the man that noticed the game mintonette to change the name into volleyball?

He is Mr. Alfred Halstead who was preffered to changed mintonette into volley ball. Then after a years, it becomes one word called as VOLLEYBALL

In volleyball if the ball touches the net what is it called?

you tell me thats the websites name ask .com right

What is another name for the official in volleyball?

Hi The official to judge the volley ball tournament is termed as a referee.

Name one penalty that will result in losing a serve in volleyball?

One penalty that will result in losing a serve in volleyball is that the ball lands in the court with nobody getting it up.

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