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Q: What is the name of the official in charge of a netball game?
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How did the name netball come?

Its called netball because the aim of the game is to put the ball in the nat, or though, it was originally called womens basketball. - the game evolved from men's basketball in around 1891. by dividing the court into thirds and using a net on a pole instead of a basket the game became known as netball.

What did the name netball come from?

Netball is a shooting game, but the question is why is netball is called netball, because in netball your throwing the ball in the net so that's called net and the ball that your playing with is called ball so that is ball Net ball

Name 1 player in a netball game is allowed to shoot a goal?

irene van dyk

What is the right name for the netball hoop?

netball ring

What is the name given to the person in charge of a game of badminton?

An umpire is in charge of the game.

What is the name of the official agency in charge of the US capitol?

The Architect of the Capitol (AOC)

What is the name of the Olympic netball team?

Unfortunatley netball isn't in the olympics. x

What was temepara george's VERY first netball team?

Not sure of the name but she played netball first at the Mangere Town Centre netball courts which is now the Mangere Otahuhu Netball Centre

How did they come up with the name netball and why that name?

Because you throw the ball in the net. That's how and why. The game itself would have been called many things in past years I suppose.

Is the word netball a proper noun?

No, the noun netball is a common noun, a word for any netball or any netball game.A common noun becomes a proper noun when it is the name of a person, place, thing or a title. For example:Detroit Metro Netball ClubThe Florida Netball Classic tournamentUSA Netball Association

What is the name of the waikato netball team?


Name of the netball Auckland team?