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As of Thursday June 12, 2008: the All blacks play England in Auckland this Saturday; they Played Ireland in Wellington last Saturday.

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Q: What is the name of the international rugby team currently touring New Zealand?
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What sporting tournament is currently in New Zealand?

The rugby world cup!

Where was the first rugby union international contested?

Australia and New Zealand

New zealand rugby league international also played rugby union for England?

Henry Paul.

What is Tri Nations rugby?

AnswerIt's an international Rugby tournament played by the Austrailia, New Zealand and South Africa.

What is the longest unbeaten streak in international rugby?

Its the New Zealand All Blacks

Where is the Rugby World Cup currently being held?

The Rugby World Cup is being held in 2011 in New Zealand.

Which new zealand team is currently leading the super 15 rugby competition?

the chiefs

Where did ireland play russia in the rugby union international?

new zealand rwc 2011

When did Ireland beat New Zealand?

The Irish men's international rugby team have never beaten New Zealand. Munster, an Irish province, had a team that famously beat New Zealand in 1978. The Irish women's international rugby team beat New Zealand at the World Cup on the 5th of August 2014.

Did Sonny bill Williams die?

No, he is currently (2010) playing rugby union in New Zealand.

What is some information on New Zealand's All Black Rugby team?

Information on New Zealand's All Black Rugby team can be found at the online site "Allblacks". The All Blacks team currently holds the Rugby World Cup.

Where is rugby played?

Rugby is played in most parts of the world. There are 95 countries on the International Rugby Board's list of rankings. Currently at #1 is New Zealand and #95 is Finland. Traditionally the strongest nations are New Zealand, South Africa, France, Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales. Argentina, Italy and Fiji are among teams who have gained ground in recent years.

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