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A spinner or spin tile

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Q: What is the name of the game piece that spins and points to numbers?
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Why do the letter tiles of Scrabble have numbers?

The Scrabble tiles are numbered so that points can be added (during game play) or deducted (subtracting tiles only occurs at the end of the game) to see which player has the highest points. The player with the highest points wins the game.

What are the points used in a dart game?

The context of the question matter here. If you are asking about the sharp points on the darts they are made of steel. If you are talking about the scoring points used in a dart game it depends on which game being played. The '01 games can make use of the all "points" or numbers on the board. If you are asking about Cricket then the numbers that come into play for pointing are 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25 and 50.

What game involves getting balls into a wooden frame with numbers over it where you get points for whatever number is above?


How do you play the game Cupid's love?

you spin a bottle and you see who the two ponit to and then you take off a piece of colthing and it goes on and on unitle you get naked then who ever the bottle spins to you have S-E-X

How does one play Russian Roulette?

Russian Roulette is a game played with a gun. An individual places one bullet in the gun and spins the chamber. The other person then points the gun at themself and shoots it. It is supposed to be a game, but seems very silly.

How do you play a game without a die?

You can put numbers on a piece of paper and put the paper in a hat at pick a number when it is your turn

How do you get penalty points in an NFL game?

There are no points for penalties in an NFL game.

How do you unlock more stuff on the Phineas ferb game smash?

u have to get more points by going to THE ARANA do a corse that is a circle with numbers(points)then go to THE SHOP and buy stuff

Number of tennis points in a game?

There are 4 points in a game 15, 30, 40,game

Which is most valuable in chess?

The most valuable piece in chess is the King whose capture is the goal of the game itself . The pawn = 1 point , the knight = 3 points , the bishop = 3 , the rook = 5 points and the queen is worth 9 points .

What kissing game involves a bottle?

A popular drinking and bottle game known as "spin the bottle" is associated with kissing. However, when the bottle spins, the person it points at may be required to perform a "dare", other than kissing. The rules vary according to who is playing.

Most points in a college basketball game team?

The most points in a collage basketball game is 3 points....!

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