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Free Spot? Do you mean the goal crease?

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โˆ™ 2006-07-19 19:44:49
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Q: What is the name of the free spot in front of a hockey goal?
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Is there a name for a goal an assist and a penalty in a hockey game?

Gordie Howe hat- trick

What is the name of the rubber tubes sticking up from the ice that holds the goal in hockey?


What is the name of the blackhaws goal song?

Are you talking about hockey??? Because if you are then it's "Chelsea Dagger"

Name the parts of a hockey stick?

handle, toe, front, back

Name some moves in hockey and how to do them?

Some moves in hockey are the"pull in move", the "front fake", and the "backhand fake.

What does the announcer say when someone scores a goal in hockey?

The arena announcer will the name of the goal scorer, name of the player(s) credited with an assist for the goal and the time of the goal. If the goal was scored during a power play he (or she) will say if it were a power play or short-handed goal.

What is the name of the direct free kick from 12 yards in front of the goal?

A direct free kick awarded from 12 yards in front of the goal would be within the penalty area. It would have to be a kick awarded to the defense, because if a defender had committed a direct free kick offense at that location the restart would, instead, have been a penalty kick for the attackers.

What is the name for scores in hockey game?

For field hockey (played on grass) scoring one goal is one goal. There are no points and goals, just goals. One to nothing is one- nil, two- nil etc.

What is the name for a Hockey goal assist and fight by a single player in the same period?

gordy howe hat-trick (i think)

What is the name of the goal keeper of Indian hockey team which won gold medals in 1956 and 1964 olympic games?

shankar laxman

What is the scientific name for hockey?

hockey is to cool to have a scientific name

What is the birth name of Joe Hockey?

Joe Hockey's birth name is Joseph Benedict Hockey.

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