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Q: What is the name of the company that walks around invesco field taking pictures of fans?
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Does the homeowner take pictures for the insurance company or does the insurance company take pictures?

The agent, (The insurance Company's representative) is the one in charge of taking the pictures.

What company offers the service called Smiles by Wire?

The company that offers the service called Smiles by Wire is the JC Penny company. The service involves taking pictures within a professional photographic studio.

How do you take pictures on a dell laptop?

Taking pictures on the a Dell laptop is easy. You can click on the web cam and start taking pictures.

Law on taking pictures?

What kind of pictures? Where?

Can taking pictures of a tv mess up a camera?

No, taking pictures of a TV will not mess up a camera.

What is the difference between a photograph and a radiograph?

radiography is taking pictures with x-rays, photography is taking pictures with light.

What is this camera or gadget usually used for?

The camera is a type of device that is used for taking pictures and sometimes, taking videos. Taking pictures has many uses, including art and surveillance.

What is a cardiograph for?

monitoring/ taking pictures of the heart

What features should I consider when buying an outdoor camera enclosure?

It really depends on what you are taking pictures of. If you are taking pictures of flowers, perhaps you want a camera that captures the colors correctly. Or if you are taking pictures of birds, you should look into how a camera captures motion.

Another word for taking pictures with a camera?

taking photos Photography

What can the digital camera be used for?

it can be used for taking pictures and taking vedios

What Vermont man is famous for taking pictures of snowflakes?

Wilson Bentley was the Vermont man most famous for taking pictures of snowflakes. Wilson Bentley was one of the first photographers to take pictures of snowflakes.

What are cameras used for?

taking pictures

What are the responsibilities of a photographer?

taking pictures

A person taking pictures is a?


What is a camera made for?

Taking Pictures

When do you use a camera?

When taking pictures.

What is the process of taking pictures?


What is the typical use of a digital camera?

Taking pictures with it.

What is the best cell phone for picture taking?

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is and android phone that is an excellent phone for taking pictures. It is actually one of the best phones on the market in terms of taking pictures.

What actors and actresses appeared in Taking Pictures - 2008?

The cast of Taking Pictures - 2008 includes: Robert Bradvica E Robert Mack Anne Sermon

What should the shutter speed setting be on when taking sprint pictures?

The shutter speed setting when taking sprint pictures should be on 'moving' speed. Sprinting is a motion and you cannot take 'still' pictures while someone is sprinting.

What company takes the best quality family pictures?

There are many options when it comes to taking family pictures, and many disputes on which companies are the best. Olan Mills Portrait studies take high quality family portraits and have a long history, along with a good reputation.

What president said to take pictures of the holocaust?

Eisenhower. Not that it made a difference, they were already taking pictures.

What is the purpose of taking pictures on FarmVille?

if you take pictures on farmville, they will go on your wall and your friends can c them.