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The University of Nevada Wolfpack

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Q: What is the name of the college basketball team in Nevada?
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What basketball team is in Reno?

No professional basketball team is in Reno. There is a Division 1 college team, however: The University of Nevada, Reno Wolf Pack. Other than that, there are no other basketball teams in Reno, Nevada.

What are the famous sports from Nevada?

Some sports in nevada are mostly college sports because nevada has no major professinal team. UNLV football basketball is fun to watch same with the university of nevada football and basketball,

What is Syracuse college basketball team name?


What was Dennis Rodman's college basketball team's name?


Is yale bulldogs a college basketball team?

All sports there have that name.

What is the name of the Illinois basketball team?

Chicago BullsThe Illinois Fighting Illini men's basketball team is an NCAA Division I college basketball team competing in the Big Ten Conference.

What is the name of the worst team in college basketball?

Depends on the year you are referring to and what division.

What college basketball team is coached by CV Stringer?

Rutgers' basketball team

Does this college have a basketball team?


What was the name of Michel Jordan college basketball team?

North Carolina Tar Heels

What is Nevada's baseball team name?

NEVADA's base ball team name is the Wild Cats

What college mens basketball team has scored the most points in a season?

the highest scoring college basketball team ever

What does the UNLV the basketball team stand for?

University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Who are the youngest 2010 ncaa basketball team?

Nevada Wolf Pack

Which men's NCAA college basketball team has had most losses and won the NCAA championship?

What college basketball team has the most losses?

What team in NCAA championship in college basketball team?


What is the name of the college basketball team that won the men division last year?

Uconn Huskies

Who is tallest college basketball team?


What was the first womens basketball team?

The first women's basketball team began at Smith College in 1892. The team was led by Senda Berenson who was an instructor at the college.

What was the first basketball team name?

The University of Chicago Basketball Team.

What is the name of Montreal's professional basketball team?

There is no Montreal basketball team.

What is the name of a basketball team that is owned by basketball players?

The jordan team

What is the best team in men's college basketball history?

kentucky is the best basketball team of all time

What college football team has a blue helmet with a wolf on it?


Does Nevada have a state professional sports team?

no, only college