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Q: What is the name of the Test cricket ground in Birmingham?
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What is the Name of the Cricket Ground in Birmingham?


What is the name of the place where cricket is played?

Cricket Ground

What is The name of Birmingham city football ground?

St. Andrews is the name of the true Birmingham team's ground. Known affectionatly by many as Stan's

What is the name of Australia's cricket grounds?

SCG - Sydney Cricket Ground MCG - Melbourne Cricket Ground WACA - Western Australia Cricket Ground The 'Gabba (short for Woolloongabba, the subur where it is located) - Brisbane Adelaide Cricket Ground

What is the name for the ground between wickets in Cricket?

That would be the cricket pitch.

What is the name of Birmingham FC home ground?

St. Andrews

Another name for the garden of Eden?

The other name of eden garden cricket ground is known as "cricket's answer to the colosseum".

What is that the name of smallest cricket ground in thE world?

lancaster park

What was the name of the main stadium at the 1956 Olympics?

Melbourne Cricket Ground

How long can a Test cricket match last?

The Test Cricket matches are the longest of the three types of cricket matches which lasts up too 5 days. The name Test Cricket match comes from the fact that it is a relative test of strength and endurance of the two sides in the grueling 5 day match.

Name of the smallest cricket ground in the world?

holkar stadium indore india

Which game is oval ground associated with?

The Oval cricket ground is associated with cricket, especially tests. In every Ashes cricket series held in England, one match always takes place at the Oval. The location of this ground is Kennington, London. Therefore, the full name is the Kennington Oval.

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