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Lombardi Trophy

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2009-01-27 16:21:59
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Q: What is the name of the Super Bowl trophy given to the winner?
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What is trophy called given to winner of Super Bowl?

The Vince Lombardi Trophy

Can you but a Vince Lombardi trophy without winning the Super Bowl and how?

The Lombardi Trophy is present to the winner of the Super Bowl. It is impossible to win the Lombardi trophy without winning the Super Bowl.

Which trophy is given to the Super Bowl MVP?

The Pete Rozelle Trophy.

Who has won a super bowl the super bowl mvp national championship and Heisman Trophy winner?

Marcus Allen

What quarterbacks have won the Heisman Trophy and have a Super Bowl ring?

Jim Plunkett. Stanford Heisman Trophy Winner and Super Bowl winner with the Raiders. He also won a Rose Bowl. Also Roger Staubach with Navy and Dallas

Do the winner of the super bowl win a conference trophy?

Yes, you must win your conference before you appear in the Super Bowl.

What does the winner Super Bowl team get?

Bragging rights..... and the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Has a Heisman winner running back played in super bowl?

There are several Heisman Trophy winning running backs who have played in a Super Bowl (or two). They are: Billy Cannon, halfback LSU, Heisman Trophy winner 1959; played in Super Bowl II as a member of the Oakland Raiders. Cannon won the Heisman Trophy as a halfback but played Tight End for the Raiders. Mike Garrett, halfback USC, Heisman Trophy winner 1965; played in Super Bowl I and Super Bowl IV for the Kansas City Chiefs. Archie Griffin, running back Ohio State, two time Heisman Trophy winner 1974 and 1975; played in Super Bowl XVI for the Cincinnati Bengals. Tony Dorsett, running back Pittsburgh, Heisman Trophy winner 1976; played in Super Bowl XII and Super Bowl XIII for the Dallas Cowboys. George Rogers, running back South Carolina, Heisman Trophy winner 1980; played in Super Bowl XXII for the Washington Redskins. Marcus Allen, running back USC, Heisman Trophy winner 1981; played in Super Bowl XVIII for the Los Angeles Raiders. Eddie George, running back Ohio State, Heisman Trophy winner 1995; played in Super Bowl XXXIV for the Tennessee Titans. Ron Dayne, running back Wisconsin, Heisman Trophy winner 1999; played in Super Bowl XXXV for the New York Giants. Reggie Bush, running back USC, Heisman Trophy winner 2005; played in Super Bowl XLIV for the New Orleans Saints.

What does the winner of the Super Bowl win?

The Lombardi Trophy and the title The Best Team in the NFL

Who was the last Heisman Trophy winner to win a Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLII, that is Desmond Howard who won the Heisman in 1991 and was MVP of Super Bowl XXXI.

What is the name of the Super Bowl trophy?

The name of the Super Bowl trophy is the Vince Lombardi trophy.The Super Bowl trophy is called the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

What is the NFL cup called?

It's called the "Lombardi Trophy". Presented to the winner of the Super Bowl.

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