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The Golden State Warriors arena is the Oracle Arena.

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oracle arena

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Q: What is the name of golden state warriors stadium?
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What was the name of golden state warriors 3 years ago?

California state warriors

What is the name of Number 30 with the Golden State Warriors?

Stephan Curry currently holds the number 30 on the roster for the Golden State Warriors.

How many NBA team are located in California Name them?

four. lakers, clippers, Golden State Warriors and the kings

Name Origin warriors golden state?

The Warriors moved from SF to Oakland but wanted to retain a "Calif state" identification without a name attachment to Oakland or SF. So they dropped the city part of the name, SF or Oakland, and named themselves simply Golden State Warriors.

What is the English meaning for the word iSanrtoelrGreatodWs?

Golden State Warriors is the English meaning for the unscrambled name rttisDisootneP.

When did the Golden State Warriors become a basketball team?

The team began in 1946 as the Philadelphia Warriors in the BAA, winning the first league championship in 1947. Following the merger of the BAA and NBL into the NBA (1950), the Warriors franchise relocated to San Francisco in 1962, and changed its name to Golden State in 1971.

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What is the name of the California NBA team besides the lakers?

Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, and Golden State (Oakland) Warriors

8 Which team won the first NBA Championship in 1946-1947 include city and team name?

The philadelphia warriors (now known as the golden state warriors)over the Chicago stags (now folded)

Official Name of Ohio State Stadium?

Ohio Stadium

What is the name of the Arizona state football stadium?

Sun Devil Stadium

Famous people with the first name harrison?

Harrison Ford is a famous actor. Harrison Barnes plays basketball for the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association.