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Q: What is the name of a french speaking sports player?
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What is the name of a french-speaking sports person?

Thierry Henry x

What is the name of the island which is in West Indies and it has two countries on it one is Spanish speaking the other French speaking?

Hispaniola is the name of the island in the West Indies which contains Haiti (french-speaking) and the Dominican Republic (spanish-speaking).

If your last name is French does that mean your French?

If your last name is French, that could mean that at least one of your ancestors came from a French-speaking country.

What is the name of the French speaking country in south America?

French Guyana (it is not a country, but a French oversea territory)

Name a french speaking country in the Caribbean?

Haiti is an example of a french speaking country in the Caribbean, where Creole is also spoken. Martinique is another example.

Name two french speaking cities?

Paris and New Orleans.

What is the name of player who being a sports minister?

Pele is a sports Minister in Brazil.

What types of sports do french do?

Rugby (but they get their buts kicked by Australia), lacross(hence the french name)

Name the country in south America that speaks french?

French Guiana is the country that has a major French speaking population in South America.

Name one famous french sports person?

Thierry Henry

Name three sports that the French Excel at internationally?

French often excel at soccer/football, skiing and handball.

What is a name of a French famous person?

the most famous french sports person is Andree Brunet and Pierre Brunet!!!

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