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Kathryn Ladoulis, Michelle Parma, Kimberly Land, Yvette Flores, Kelley Blunt, Tammi Ratcliff, Christy Van Meter, Christine Jenson, Carrie Chapman

Eva Bone, Regina Tucker, Jennifer Jones, Jo Smith, Tandra Cromer, Christina Carr, Kelly Drake, Julie Maniscalco, Kimberly Ball

Kirsten Krueger, Bronlyn Tuell, Jill Jones, Wendy Newman, Alice Williams, Brooke Wicker, Tara Rene, Suzanne Rouse

Leticia Avila, Nickole Anselmo, Dorie Braddy, Preea Jernigan, Amy Merriman

Leslie Vitale, Gigi Pittman, Nicol Corbin

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Hollie Huggins, Bethany Tyler, Jennifer Hughes, Julie Cash, Lisa Ligon, Elizabeth Perry, Jacqueline Grice

Megan Willsey, Linda Badami, Cheryl Gates, Cindi Burck, Amber Gosdin, Brooke Emerson

Allison McCurdy, Becca Myers, Jill Vandygriff, Marnie Pizzatola, Stephanie Strunc, Ronda Cates, Terra Watson, Melissa Valdez, Nicki Hale

Pennie Booker, Shannon Swanson, Christy Van Meter, Monica Cates, Regina Tucker, Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Shelly Bramhall, Bronlyn Tuell

Jennifer Mosley, Stacie Drew, Michelle Jones, Leslie Vitale

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Michelle Parma: she is an actress now

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Q: What is the name of a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader 1995-1996 season?
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How many years can a woman be a dallas cowboy cheerleader?

There is no restriction on time served. In 2010, for example, veteran Cowboys Cheerleader Trisha Trevino successfully auditioned for a sixth season on the squad.

Does Demi Lovato's mom sing or act or all of the above?

Demi's mom was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for the 1982-1983 season and a country recording artist.

How long can you cheer on the Dallas cowboy team?

There is no time limit, although it is rare when a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader serves for five years or more. The last member of the squad to successfully audition for a sixth year is Trisha Trevino, who has been a Cowboys Cheerleader since the 2005 season.

Who is malia morales?

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader 2009 season

When was Annette Bilbrey a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?

She was on the squad for the 81-82 season

What happened to dallas cowboys cheerleader Abigail klein?

She retired after the 2009 NFL season.

Where will next season's super bowl be hold?

Dallas Cowboy Stadium!

What year was Melissa rycroft a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys?

Her first year on the cheerleading squad was during the Dallas Cowboys' 2006-2007 season.

Who is the oldest dallas cowboys cheerleader fir the 2011 season?

Sunni Cranfill - She is 31 years old.

Did Bret romero play for the Dallas Cowboys?

No. He was never played a down for a Dallas Cowboy Team nor has he ever been on a Dallas Cowboy Team Roster.

What Dallas Cowboy holds the team record for passing yards in a season?

roger stabach

Who is Starr spangler?

Starr Spangler is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and a winner of the 13th season of The Amazing Race.