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The Pin Pals.

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Q: What is the name of Homer's bowling team?
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What was the name of homers bowling league in the simpsons?

Pin Pals

What was the name of Laverne and Shirley's bowling team?

Lavern and Shirley's bowling team was called "The Big Shotz"

What is the Old kids movie about bowling and the bowling team name is dirk?

Boogie Nights

What was the name of Homer's bowling team?

The Pin Pals.

What was the name on flintstone's bowling team?

they were called the flintstone flyer

What is big lebowski's bowling team name?

The Dude's team was sponsored by Medina Sod.

What is pot bowling?

Pot bowling in tenpin bowling is when you are bowling for money. It may mean bowling against another player or a team against a team for an amount of money.

What is homers last name?


What was Homers first name?


What is a pacer in USBC bowling?

A bowling pacer is basically a substitute bowler who bowls when a team is short one player. However, his score does not count for the team on which he is bowling.

How much player are on a team on bowling?

A team in bowling can be as few as two bowlers, but could have usually as much as 5.

Are you on a bowling league or in a bowling league?

Both are correct.It's a matter of context, however both could be used interchangeably.For example:"How many players are on a bowling team?""My friend Aaron and I were on the same bowling team.""At my previous high school I bowled on a team that won the league.""I bowled on a team that won all the league awards."To help stress you may not be the only one, examples could be:"In bowling class, we bowled in teams of three.""There were five people bowling in each team.""Do you prefer bowling in a team of four or five?"

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