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bocce ball

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lawn tennis

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Q: What is the name for the tennis played on grass?
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What is grass tennis?

Grass tennis is tennis which is played on grass. A famous grass tennis arena is the Wimbledon.

What surface was tennis first played on?

The first surface tennis was played on was grass

Tennis was originally played on this?

The four major tennis tournaments are played on different surfaces. The US Open is played on a Hard Court, French Open is on Clay, Wimbledon is played on grass, and the Australian Open is played also played on a hard court.

Tennis was originally played on what?

Grass courts.

What is long tennis?

You probably mean "Lawn" tennis. Lawn tennis is simply tennis played on a grass court.

What other courts can tennis be played on?

Grass and Clay

Which prominent professional tennis competition is played on Grass Court?

The most prestigious professional Grass Court Tennis Tournament is Wimbledon.

What is the only tennis tournament played on grass courts?


Which international tennis tournament is being played in grass?


Whats surface is Wimbledon tennis tournament played on?


On what type of surface is the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament played?


Tennis is the national game of which country?

lawn tennis is usually played on a lawn, which is grass